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Where to start……when you don’t have an ending yet?

There is nothing fascinating I could write about, that will make you like what I write more. I just write for myself. I write to get how I feel off of my chest. Some pieces are life experience and some are theories or opinions. I haven’t been on this earth long enough to truly feel like I’ve lived everything. Yet, I’ve found one experience can tie into a million different emotions which can connect all of my viewers and I together.

I’ve always based my purpose of writing for myself.

“Better to write for yourself and have no public than to write for the public and have no self”Cyril Connolly

And those are the terms I’ve pledged too.


My father was the one that made me notice, at a young age, that I had an unique way of writing and expressing myself.  He once saw something I had written, and was stunned that I could produce something at such a young age.  So he encouraged me the most with writing and giving me support.  At the age of 10 years old, I started to keep a diary.  I used to write in it everyday, explaining what I did in a day, but most importantly, how I felt.  My diary became my outlet and my friend.  To this day, I still have this diary in my possession and when I read it again, I am still amazed about how in tune with feelings I was at a young age.  It’s like that was all I cared about, was how I felt about certain things.  And growing up, I can remember just always “feeling” things 100% more than other people around me. Like when I was mad, I was destroyed. When I was happy, I was electrified. When I wanted attention, I was intolerable.  And finally when I was sad, I became deeply depressed. Which eventually sadness saturated my every day life, and I became depressed throughout my teen years. To the point where I was deeply in trouble, but no one knew about it. I kept it very hidden and away from every one and I certainly never told anyone about it. I experienced a lot in my adolescence, and thus grew up quickly with the understanding of feelings and emotions. My writing helped me become not depressed anymore, and by expressing how I felt on paper, it released a sorta therapy for me. Because I was able to go back and read how I felt, figure out why I felt that way, literally depict every angle of this one feeling and either rationalize it afterwards or choose to change the state of emotion I was in. Thus began my self-help way of living my life now.


I mainly write poems. But my passion for music has drifted me to write lyrics recently. I have also written short stories and am in the midst of writing characters to a short novel.

Please feel free to comment, rate, or critique what you see posted on my page. I do not mind constructive criticism.

I also have a Facebook Writing Page @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Erica/142844580663


I’d also love to read other people’s form of art and would love suggestions to their page.

My Tattoo

My Tattoo

26 comments on “About Me

  1. I love your tattoo as well as your writings. Keep it up and keep inspiring!

    • Thank you so much :) xoxox

  2. Very interesting writings here. I’ll definitely be back to check out some more. Thanks for visiting my blog. Blessings ~

  3. Love the tattoo!

  4. Hi Erica,

    Thanks so much for following me! It’s been a bit crazy with the holidays and I’m getting ready to go out of town, but I’ll visit you in the new year and will also return the favor! I look forward to “getting to know you!” Happy New Year! Lauren

  5. I have nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! It’s my pleasure to recognize your blog and re-direct more lookers and potential followers to it. Please go to my post (http://bardessdmdenton.wordpress.com/2011/12/30/awards-to-gratefully-accept-and-pass-on/) to see the details. You are under no obligation to follow ‘the rules’ associated with this award. Thank you for all that you share of your talent and spirit!

    • thanks so much

  6. Congratulations! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award- http://allaboutlemon.com/2012/01/02/an-awe-inspiring-new-years-surprise/ Happy New Year!

    • thanks you xoxo lots of love

  7. Thank you for the Like on my poem. I am just starting and wasn’t sure whether to post or not. I am glad to know someone looked.

  8. “I’d also love to read other people’s form of art and would love suggestions to their page.”





    • ya i have read 2 of those bloggers, but shemovesme i havent so i will check them out! thanks so much for the suggestion xox

  9. You are nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award. Please visit http://www.swansongsandprose.wordpress.com for details should you wish to accept it. :)

  10. Hello and good day,
    I am pleased to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check out post http://wp.me/p1YE83-iO
    All good wishes, Eric :-)

  11. Beautiful blog! I am looking very forward to reading your poetry. :)

  12. As you will see from a click to http://bennaga.wordpress.com/2012/04/22/spring-cleaning/ you are included in my list of “recommended sites”. You are invited to accept any of the Awards offered here which you are not currently in receipt of. Should you have them all already I can only add to that fact by saying how much I enjoy your writings and honour their author.

    - Ben

    • Thank you so much Ben.

      Ive been a follower of yours for a while, and still you amaze me and i always enjoy your blogs

      • So what amazes you, then? Perhaps if I knew I could do it some more. :)

    • You are much too kind :) words couldnt express how much gratitude i have. thanks xo

  13. I love that Cyril Connolly quote. So true!

    I’m glad you had someone to encourage your writing. I was always too shy to show anyone in my family…still haven’t said a word. if they even know I write, they haven’t said anythng :)

    • Yah it is nice to have encouragement, but sometimes if you have a talent for something, people around you sometimes push you to pursue it and make money from it. And thats when the support isnt support anymore. For me anyway. I could never write professionally.
      Sometimes when a secret is kept a secret, the best results come from it.
      I think its very respectful if they do know about your writing, and just havent said anything. That means they respect your privacy and are just waiting for you to come out. In a way

  14. Erica, let’s just say I’m enjoying this platform.
    My veins pulse metaphors, but yours darling.. Yours are intense and I have so much to read.
    Very eager to read all your thoughts – Mari

  15. Thank you for following my blog. I’m honoured

  16. I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you for sharing your words…

  17. This is a wonderful introduction my friend
    and I hope that you will be adding some more
    of your thoughts through poetry soon, I noticed
    that you have not added anything since June,
    perhaps you are on holiday or just taking time
    out from blogging, either way I hope that you
    are enjoying a fine weekend my friend :)

    I will be calling back to read your poetry soon :)


    • kinda hit a rough spot
      but thanks for the continuing support.
      i’ll be adding more soon :)

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